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House Training Your Dalmatian

Author: John Mailer

When house training your Dalmatian puppy, you will need to take him out frequently and at regular intervals: first thing in the morning directly from the crate, right after meals, after the puppy has been napping, or when you notice that the puppy is looking for a spot.

Choose more or less the same place to take the puppy each time in order to establish a pattern. If he does not go immediately, do not return him to the house because he will probably relieve himself the moment he is inside.Stay out with him until he has finished; then be generous with your praise for his good behavior.

During basics dog training if you catch the puppy having an accident indoors, grab him firmly and rush him outside, sharply saying “No!” as you pick him up. If you do not see the accident occur, there is little point in doing anything except cleaning it up, because once it has happened and been forgotten, the puppy will most likely not even realize why you are scolding him.

If you live in a big city or are away many hours at a time, having a dog that is house trained to go on paper has some very good advantages. In order to do this, proceed the same way as taking the puppy outdoors, except this time you place the puppy on the newspaper at the proper time.The paper should always be kept in the same area.

A simple tip during basics dog training to paper train a puppy is if you have a playpen is to line the area with newspapers; then gradually remove a section of it until you are down to just one or two.

The puppy acquires the habit of using the paper; and as the prepared area grows smaller, the dog will usually continue to use whatever paper is still available. It is pleasant, if the dog is alone for a long period of time to be able to feel that if he needs it the paper is there and will be used.

The puppy should form the habit of spending a certain amount of time in his crate, even when you are home. Sometimes the puppy will do this “voluntarily, but if not, he needs to learn to do so, which is done by leading him over by his collar, gently pushing him inside, and saying firmly, “Down” or “Stay.”

Whatever expression you use to give a command, stick to the very same one each time for each act. Repetition is very important in dog training as well as association with what the dog is expected to do. When you mean “Sit” always say exactly that. “Stay” should mean only that the dog should remain where he receives the command. “Down” means something else again.

Do not confuse the dog by shuffling the commands, because this will create basics dog training problems for you. As soon as he had his shots, take your puppy with you whenever and wherever you can. Nothing builds a self-confident, stable dog like socialization, and it is very important that you plan and have the time and energy to do this.

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