Paper Training A Puppy Without Ruining Your Floor, Staining Your Carpet, And Pulling Out Your Hair!

Author: Caroline Kent

You’ve just adopted the cutest, tiniest teacup Chihuahua puppy! You’ve brought him home and got him accustomed to his surroundings.

And now it’s “housetraining a new puppy” time!

Uh, oh! But, there’s one small problem. You’ve got to keep your puppy inside or that big ol’ dog next door will eat him for breakfast! Or perhaps you live in an area, such as a city, house, or apartment where there is no access to a yard or fenced-in area?

Obviously, your cute teacup puppy can’t use the litter box with the cat!

Now you’re sweating at the thought of urine stains on your beautiful Persian carpet or a pile of poop on your expensive exotic hardwood flooring! You can relax, because there is a solution!

Housetraining a new puppy can easily be done inside by paper training!

Here are some basic guidelines for paper training a puppy:

1. Place several layers of newspaper in a spot that is away from the puppy’s feeding and watering dishes.

After your puppy eats and drinks, take him to the papers. Also take your puppy to the papers, to urinate and defecate, the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. He must also be taken to the papers after he chews, plays hard, and comes out of his crate.

2. Change the papers after each time that the puppy uses them.

Under the fresh papers, put a lightly soiled one. Your puppy will be encouraged to go to the bathroom by the scent left on the soiled paper.

3. Clean underneath the papers with an odor neutralizer.

If you fail to do so, your puppy will smell his scent on the floor and start sniffing around the edge of the paper. That’s a no, no! You want to keep your puppy ON the paper and using an odor neutralizer will keep him focused on using the bathroom on the paper!

4. Clap your hands to startle your puppy if he makes a mistake.

Please! Just startle him. Don’t scare the poor thing half to death! This will distract your puppy and stop him from urinating. Pick him up and take him to the paper where you want him to go. Lavishly praise your puppy when he finishes going to the bathroom!

5. Don’t go BALISTIC if your puppy urinates or defecates off of the papers.

Don’t punish him by spanking, yelling, or rubbing his nose in the mess! Remember, your puppy is just a baby. He made a mistake; he did not commit the crime of the century!

6. Do not use a product containing ammonia to clean up after your puppy.

Urine contains ammonia and that lovely familiar scent will invite your puppy to urinate again on that very same spot! If you are concerned about permanent odor or staining, putting plastic or waxed paper underneath the papers will help preserve your carpet or flooring.

7. You must be consistent.

Put your puppy on a schedule. If you alter the schedule or let your puppy do something differently one day and not the next, he will get confused!

8. Keep a close eye on your puppy.

Never, ever leave an untrained puppy alone in your house! Doing so is just asking for trouble!

9. Carry your puppy to different parts of your apartment or house and say “papers!”

Then, carry him back to the papers. This will train your puppy to go to the papers when he has the desire to go to the bathroom!

Paper training a puppy requires a great deal of consistency, a little common sense, and meticulous attention to clean up. With a little effort and patience, your puppy will eventually understand what you want him to do. In time, going to the bathroom on the papers will become second nature to him.

And you will have survived paper training a puppy!

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Paper Training Your Puppy – It’s Easy Once You Know How!

Author: Don Willson

What’s paper training?

Paper training is a specific form of house training for your dog: you’re teaching her where in the house is appropriate for her to eliminate (pee or poop). When you paper train your dog, you teach her to only eliminate on newspapers (chosen for their absorbency, ready availability, and cheap cost) which you gather up and throw away after each use.

What options other than paper training do I have for my dog’s house training?

There are two ways of effectively, efficiently, and rapidly house training your dog. Paper training is one; the other is something called crate training.

We will be covering the paper training method here

How to paper train your dog…

First, pick a convenient area of the house for your dog to use as the elimination area. Because she’s going to be peeing and pooping in this area, it’s best if you can choose somewhere without carpet: most people choose a corner of the kitchen or laundry (since these rooms usually have tiled or linoleum floors, hygiene a non-issue.)

Spread newspaper thickly in a corner of this room. At first, you’ll need to make the newspaper area pretty big, since your pup has no idea that she’s meant to go on the paper at all.

To make sure that she’s able to eliminate only on the paper, you’ll either need to restrict her movements to the papered area of the floor, or paper the whole floor.

At first, your puppy will eliminate pretty much at random on the paper. It’s important for the paper-training process that she only gets to go on the paper – you need her to form a strong association between the feeling of paper under her toes, and relieving herself.

After a week or two, you can begin to shrink the papered area of the floor, allowing her more access to unpapered surfaces.

Do this gradually, a couple of sheets at a time. If you’ve given her enough time to get used to the paper, she should naturally restrict her elimination areas as the papered area shrinks.

NOTE: If at any time she begins to eliminate off the paper, then increase the size of the papered floor surface to the size it was when she was still eliminating only on the paper, and give her more time to get used to it before beginning to reduce the papered area again.

Most dogs take a couple of months (eight to twelve weeks) to get used to the paper training method. Until she’s reliably going on the papers only, you should restrict her access to the rest of the house unless you’re actively supervising her- which means 100% of your attention is focused on the pup.

In general, a good rule of thumb is that your puppy is confined to the papered area unless she’s sleeping, eating, or being played with/actively supervised.

Things you should do:

- Praise her effusively whenever you see her eliminating on the paper. Wait until she’s done (so you don’t distract her!) and praise her, pet her, and give her a treat.

- If you catch her in the act of eliminating off-paper, this is actually a great opportunity for training development. Interrupt her with a clap, loud verbalization (“Ah-ah-aaaah!”), or slap your open palm loudly on the wall. This will startle her – in most cases, she’ll actually stop mid-toilet and hunch down. Scoop her up immediately and put her on the paper. When she finishes, praise her hugely and give her a treat.

- If you come across an accident after the fact (a wet spot or pile on the unpapered floor), you’ve missed your window of opportunity to teach her not to do this. You can’t tell her off in this case, because she won’t understand what she’s done wrong; all you can do is clean it up and supervise her more carefully. If this is happening a lot, you’ve given her too much freedom in the house and not enough supervision: restrict her access to the unpapered floor, and step up the supervision.

- Feed her at specific, scheduled times (for example, a meal at 8 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm) to encourage her to develop an “elimination timetable”.

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Don Willson is, 53-years old and living in Richmond, Virginia. Not new to writing, he is often been told (I know everybody gets this) that he should try getting some of his work published.

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