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Potty Training Dogs – Paper Training Vs. Crate Training

Author: Adrian Van Drunen

You have just introduced a new dog to the family, a cute cuddly canine that as of right now knows no difference between going on the grass and soiling your carpet, you now have to learn about potty training dogs. There are to ways to go about potty training dogs, one is paper training, the other is crate training. Both methods are equally as effective and both with their own plus’s and minus’s.

Paper training is generally considered the easier of the two methods; this involves designating a specific area within your house as an area where you train your dog to use as a washroom. This is most often an area in the kitchen or laundry room. You quite often barricade the dog in this area and praise them when they use the area covered in paper to relieve themselves. Over time you will shrink this area. Crate training is a more difficult and labour intensive method but offers the added convenience of having them relieve themselves outside. In this method your dog is never left unsupervised outside of their crate. You ensure your dog is let out before going into the crate and immediately after being let out of the crate. The crate method requires you to be home in the beginning to ensure the dog is never left to long with out breaks. The Paper method is not generally suggested for larger dogs as the messes they make are proportional to their size, even the most absorbent paper will not catch it all.

As you can see, the two methods for potty training dogs are both good methods. You must decide which method suits your family, your household and your lifestyle the best.

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