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Toilet Training Puppies – A Paper Training How To

Author: Johnathon Edwards

Paper training is essentially how to train a puppy which will be inside to eliminate solely on newspaper. The newspaper is easily able to be collected and disposed of once used, is absorbent, cheap and readily obtainable and is located in an area you designate.

Of the different puppy training techniques people in an apartment who have no backyard or people who are not able to get outdoors such as the ill or aged will find this the best choice. Large dogs can produce too much waste to deal with so this method is best suited for smaller to medium dogs.

As a general rule it is best to start toilet training at 7 or 8 weeks because puppies younger than 7 weeks have not developed adequate discipline for the conditioning to be effective. Start as soon as you get your puppy home and institute a set food timetable for example 8am, 1pm and 7pm. Generally puppies will take about 8 to 12 weeks however if yours is taking more time just be persistent – they will learn!

Here is how to train a puppy employing the Paper Training method…

Select an area or room of your house you would like to establish as the puppies elimination area. A corner of the kitchen or laundry is often a good spot as these rooms usually have lino flooring that is easily cleaned. Carpeted rooms are a bad idea!

In the selected region lay out the newspaper in a thick layer over the entire surface. If it’s a place with little traffic then cover the whole floor. If you have chosen an area of a room make the spread of newspaper pretty large. You will have to confine the movement of your puppy solely to the newspapered area, which you can do by putting up barriers, to keep them on the paper.

You want your puppy to eliminate only on the newspaper and acquire a powerful connection between elimination and the paper. Initially they will go pretty much anyplace on the papered region and will start to develop that association. To do that it is essential for the initial 2 or 3 weeks that your puppy solely goes on the newspaper and it is a good plan to confine the puppy to the papered area unless puppy’s sleeping, eating, being played with or being actively supervised. Actively supervised means 100% attention so that no accidents with off paper elimination occur!

All puppy training techniques are exactly the same in this one regard. Every time puppy eliminates somewhere you would like them to, present a treat and heaps of praise to strengthen the learning. Professionals understand how to train a puppy more efficiently with positive reinforcement and it will make any training quicker. Essentially the rule is reward the correct behavior and pay no attention to the wrong behavior.

After two weeks you can check the progress of the association by shrinking the papered area of the floor while still keeping your puppy confined as above. The puppy will begin using the newspaper of it’s own accord if it has had sufficient time to get used to eliminating on the paper. If puppy eliminates off paper simply extend the newspaper area and give them more time to acquire the association.

You can continue to shrink the newspapered area and give greater access to the house when puppy is reliably eliminating on the paper. Just remember persistence is the key!

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